Friday, 7 December 2012

Print work: Magazine advert

I have had some trouble trying to find an image I have taken to use for my magazine advert which shares the same concept as my digipak. However, I thought this photo (when edited and drawn) will look quite interesting and artistic, and also suits the concept as the fence in this image actually runs along the side of an alleyway. Also, the way that the fence slowly lowers and fades out almost represents a path or journey.

This is the drawing I made from the image. I decided not to include the tree on the left hand side as I will need this area to put text in, and I also made the tree in the middle a bit more pop-arty as I found it quite difficult to draw. However I quite like this picture so I think I will use it for my magazine advert. Also, I was thinking of only using half a page for the advert as all of the artists I have looked at which share the same genre only use that much of the page. I also kept in mind that the artist I'm using has only just been signed and isn't that famous and so she probably wouldn't release an advert that takes up a whole page of a magazine.

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