Monday, 19 November 2012

Printwork: The concept

So far, I have decided that for my digipak and magazine advert I am going to take pictures of landscapes and buildings and then after choosing the one that suits my genre best I will work on top of it in photo shop to make the photos look more authentic to suit my indie folk genre. 

I thought this would be a good idea after looking at plenty of music videos that belongs to this genre and seeing that they seem to be set in nice landscapes such as fields, cities, beaches and deserts. As the song I'm using is called 'Home' and is going to be based on a girl travelling to find a boy, I will take pictures of landscapes as this links in with the narrative. Also, when listening to the song I have noticed it is quite soothing and when listening to it you can imagine travelling over different attractive places and so there will be elements of synaesthesia. 

I think this will appeal to my target audience (15-25 Male and female) as this idea is fairly redundant as it takes up the typical characteristics of an indie folk digipak, however as I will be working on top the images and using filters in an artistic way this will give my digipak a more authentic and original look to my work which my audience will like as they will most likely be creative and very much into their music and instruments. 

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